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Every web app business should have a continual process of marketing their product. As with agile software development, digital marketing should be a iterative process to find out what is and isn't working and the same goes for user experience design. Your customers are using your products for a reason. Whether they like using them is a different matter altogether, but they are using them. Continual improvement, however, can only happen if you listen to the feedback from your customers.

Too many web app companies simply make an internal decision and release products/features before moving on to the next new feature and take it that not hearing a word about their new features can only mean that "it hasn't broken yet".

Be proactive and preemptive

Customers that are using your web apps, whether manager or not, will eventually lose interest if they aren't engaged or more importantly are hindered.

Make sure that they are aware of new features. Get their feedback and get it early. Make sure they know what is coming before it arrives. Provide screen shots, video walk throughs and help site documentation so that they aren't left stranded on the inevitable release.

We provide maintenance release notifications in our web app for every release cycle. This is a simple lightbox notification message that informs the user of the forthcoming release and what to expect with regards to new features/products. Once the user has seen the notification when they log in, they are no longer informed of the message and therefore is unobtrusive for the user.

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